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Seamus Kerrigan [David Kelly, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Waking Ned Divine, Fawlty Towers], a fun loving character, used to enjoy nothing more than a few pints and racing his pigeons. However since his wife passed away Seamus has become more and more reclusive, unable to pick himself up.

His best friend Dermot [Christopher Dunne, Lighthouse, 28 days later, Irish Jam] decides he must try and lift Seamus’s spirits in any way that he can and brings Seamus to the local pub the night before the BallyGal Flyers big race day.


During the night’s festivities, as Dermot attempts in vain to persuade Seamus to race the next day, the village constable, Garda O' Ryan surprises the small community with unbelievable news; Dutch drug barons have found a new way to smuggle their wares into Ireland, instead of planes and couriers they are using carrier pigeons.

Fuelled by their own illicit cargo the birds become unstoppable super racing pigeons often overshooting their destinations and landing all over the country. Garda O’Ryan warns that if anyone were to find one of these "Dutch birds" they should inform the authorities immediately.

Whilst the villagers take in this extraordinary news, Seamus returns home to find a strange new arrival in his coop that will change his life …..

The tale that follows is a touching comedy about Irish village life, pigeon racing and international drug smuggling, but ultimately the lengths to which people will go for friendship.

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